Courtesy of Xavier Hadley

Exhibiting Artists

Bell Gallery

Cedar Annenkovna
Mary Enoch Elizabeth Baxter aka Isis Tha Saviour
Sara Bennett
Conor Broderick
Keith Calhoun
Susan Lee-Chun
Daniel McCarthy Clifford
Tameca Cole
Larry Cook
Halim Flowers
Henry Frank
Maria Gaspar
Dean Gillispie
Gary Harrell
James “Yaya” Hough
Ashley Hunt
Leonard Jefferson
Jesse Krimes
Mark Loughney
Ojore Lutalo
Chandra McCormick
C.A. Massey
George Anthony Morton
Jesse Osmun
Jared Owens
Rowan Renee
Gilberto Rivera
Billy Sell
James Sepesi
Todd (Hyung-Rae) Tarselli
Jerome Washington
Aimee Wissman

Cohen Gallery

American Artist
Russell Craig
Ronnie Goodman
William B. Livingston III
Sable Elyse Smith

Press Release

Marking Time: Art in the Age of Mass Incarceration explores the impact of the US prison system on contemporary visual art. This exhibition highlights artists who are or have been incarcerated alongside artists who have not been incarcerated but whose practices interrogate the carceral state. Seen together, their works reveal how punitive governance, predatory policing, surveillance, and mass imprisonment impact everyday life for many millions of people. Art made in prisons is crucial to contemporary culture, though it has been largely excluded from established art institutions and public discourse. Marking Time aims to shift aesthetic currents, offering new ways to envision art and to understand the reach and devastation of the US carceral state.

The artists in this exhibition reveal how incarceration transforms the fundamentals of living—time, space, and matter—and reimagine these changes to create new aesthetic possibilities. Their artworks illuminate what curator Dr. Nicole R. Fleetwood calls “carceral aesthetics,” relational and artistic experiments that challenge the “inside/outside” logic of imprisonment. Such practices resonate with recent trends in relational art, histories of Black radical aesthetics, political art, and the creative traditions of earlier eras of captive people. Carceral aesthetics foregrounds innovative modes of relating that refute the dehumanization, isolation, and erasure that prisons engender.

Marking Time: Art in the Age of Mass Incarceration is organized by Dr. Nicole R. Fleetwood, NYU Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication, with exhibition coordinator Steven G. Fullwood and the assistance of graduate researchers Anisa Jackson, Xavier Hadley, and Eva Cilman. The exhibition is presented across the Bell and Cohen Galleries at the Brown Arts Institute in collaboration with the Department of Africana Studies / Rites and Reason Theatre, and will be accompanied by a dynamic series of public programs.

For information on Cohen Gallery, visit the Brown Arts Institute’s website.