Project Description

Artist Profile

Xavier Hadley

Xavier Hadley is a musician, writer, poet, photographer, and Master’s student in NYU’s Experimental Humanities program. Hadley is the recipient of NYU’s GSAS Alpine Fellowship and has delivered keynote and headlining performances at TED Conferences, Colorado State University’s MLK event, and a variety of Colorado music festivals. His academic work aims to understand the ways in which the sonic and photographic arts document the present.

Artist Profile

Carole Elizabeth Alden

Born 1960 Orleans, France. She is a self taught visual artist, who has spent most of her life in the western United States. She is a survivor of extreme domestic violence, followed by 13 years incarceration. Between Covid and the label of violent felon, housing and employment were nonexistent. A generous speaking engagement facilitated a down payment on land, and the Desert Fish House Hope and Healing Project began. A year in has brought considerable progress. She has moved from a tent to a pallet structure, and continues to work on additional camping/studio spots for  impacted guests.  The cost of fuel and materials have put the need for donated resources at an all time high.